Silver Medal Award

The American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal Award Program was established in 1959 to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern.

Each year, AAF-CC members are urged to nominate colleagues for the Silver Medal Award of AAF-CC. Of those nominees, an Award Jury of former Silver Medal Award Winners, Board Members and Past AAF-CC Presidents select the recipient of the Silver Medal Award. Nominees do not have to be members of the AAF-CC organization. Nominations must be submitted in writing to be considered.

Awarding the AAF Silver Medal is the highlight of our year. It enhances the image of advertising by recognizing a locally well-known person for their advertising and community involvement.

2015 Silver Medal Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2015 AAF-CC Silver Medal Award. Deadline for nominations is Friday, April 17 and the winner will be announced at the Lunch & Learn on May 21. Please see the criteria below and submit your nomination here.


Judges use the following criteria when making their selections:

Contributions to Company
The award winner may have worked in publishing, broadcasting, advertising services or advertiser companies. His or her record of achievement must be solid and continuous.

Creative Ability
The award winner should rank in original, imaginative thinking in the area of advertising in which he or she has worked. Since creative ability is emphasized in advertising in the broadest sense, creative ability may be measured in research, copy, art, marketing, sales and media.

Contribution to Advancement to Advertising
The award recipient will have participated in activities for the overall good of advertising. He or she may be an active member of such organizations as ANA, AFA, AAA, the Advertising Council or the ARF, etc.

Personal Qualifications
The award winner will be recognized as a person of principle and integrity.

Past Winners

1983: Ashby Ward
1984: Mary Miller
1985: Cecil Brandon
1986: Bill Darby
1987: Alectron Dorfman
1988: Nat Davis
1989: Calvin Gilmore
1990: Ruthie Kearns
1991: Ed Cerny
1992: Matt Sedota
1993: Mike Pate
1994: Diane DeVaughn Stokes
1995: Delores Blount
1995: Myra Laughter
1996: Jim Sellers
1997: Paul Himmeslbach
1998: Kathryn Tilghman
1999: Vern Hearl
2000: Rik Dikinson
2002: Jill Watts
2003: Ron Zwing
2004: Steve Wilson
2005: Jack Thompson
2005: Rigby Wilson
2006: Chuck Stokes
2007: Gael Sansbury
2008: Andy Lesnik
2009: Milton Miles
2010: Scott Brandon
2011: Sally Peeples
2012: Bill Stanton
2013: Cricket Alcorn